Take a look at the 1125 - 1500  - 1875 Watt Aft Solar Gantry: it can be self-installed, it's shippable and is placed advantageously onboard for full sun without taking up valuable real estate

How to Install Over 1700 Watts of Solar Easy: Lagoon 450F Hardtop with Solar and Aft Gantry

Lagoon 500 Flybridge Bimini Hardtop:

Lagoon 450 Flybridge Bimini Hardtop:

Hardtop & Enclosure At Work:

The New Lagoon 380 Hardtop

Lagoon 440 Flybridge Bimini Hardtop:


Bimini Hardtop:

Crane Install on Leopard 4700:

Prop Protector Install: