The Bali 4.6 Hardtop

The Bali 4.6 Hardtop - perfect spot for solar. Ample coverage, includes 3 Lumitec dimmable LED lights, large UV tinted window and stainless aft ladder. Creates safe access to sail in an attractive, functional manner. Like the Bali, maximizes sailing comfort!

The Bali 4.4 - full helm coverage, safe walkup, UV-tinted window & Lumitec LED lighting - a must-have upgrade!

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Bali Sail Access
Sturdy Access to the Sail

Window, Lights and Ladder Included
Window Lights and Ladder Included

Great Weather Coverage
Ample Weather Coverage

Comfortable Flybridge
Maximized Comfort on the Flybridge

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NEXT UP: The Bali Catspace Hardtop, at 139” x 90”, covers the entire Flybridge seating area and provides safe, sturdy access to the main. Perfect spot for solar plus you can add more with an Aft Solar gantry. Functional weather protection for all of your sailors!

And now for the Bali 4.8!