What Our Clients Have To Say….

I have a Dedicated Marine hardtop on my Lagoon 450F based in the BVI – very well made and functional piece of kit that transforms the flybridge experience. Ours was fitted with lights and solar panels and the access to the boom is useful for easily tidying up the main in the stack pack. Overall – a great aftermarket add to the Lagoon 450, I am sure it will be the same for the Lagoon 46! Also, I worked with Chris Spencer again whilst he project managed some post IRMA repairs to my 450 in Florida. What a great guy to work with – one of the best!
Graeme McAvoy, Owner of Lagoon 450F Ariadne

The Lagoon 450F – Access to the Main

Dedicated Marine Hardtop
Before I bought FreeWill (2018 Lagoon 450F) I’d never sailed a boat where you could not get to the main. Chris Spencer and Dedicated Marine solved that problem!!
Tom Barton

How much power does the Solar Gantry put out?

Thought you might be interested to know that the panels on our solar gantry put out 375 watts each yesterday during the mid day sun while running my high load watermaker, fridge/freezer/etc, and recharging the AGM’s in bulk mode. This is according to the Victron Bluetooth app.
We highly recommend Biminihardtop (Chris Spencer) for quality product and installation at a fair price and no BS like the other catamaran specialty companies in South Florida
The Sorensens, Lagoon 450S.  1125 watt Solar Gantry


Lagoon Flybridge Hardtop

Lagoon 440 Flybridge
Yeah cheers for Chris and Dedicated Marine – we have the hardtop on our Lagoon 440 Baja Fog and wouldn’t have it any other way!
John & Monique Boucher, Lagoon 440 Baja Fog.  Sausalito & Baja California.

Lagoon 440 Baja Fog

What Experts Have to Say: Need A Rigid Hardtop Bimini For Your Catamaran?

Lagoon 450 Hardtop
From the CATAMARAN GURU team:
Dedicated Marine, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale can custom-make a rigid hardtop catamaran bimini for you!
A life-long sailor with solid credentials in boat-building and repair, Chris Spencer recognized a gap in the marine industry for hardtop biminis for catamarans. Most production catamarans do not come with a hardtop bimini or it is a very expensive factory option. So Chris figured out how to fit top quality biminis aftermarket at a reasonable price. He developed a line of hardtop biminis for several popular cruising catamaran brands and models and is now the premier bimini go-to guy.

Adding a Bimini hardtop to your sailing catamaran offers lots of benefits:

  • shelter from rain and sun
  • a safer solid boom access point
  • a way to install an enclosure
  • place to install solar panels.
Dedicated Marine offers beautiful ergonomic Bimini Hardtops for Leopard, Lagoon, and Fountaine Pajot catamarans. And manufacturing is right here in the United States. The catamaran biminis superbly fit the lines of your boat and are easily installed.  The aftermarket products are in line with the high quality of the boats. The biminis are designed to enhance the already well-appointed catamarans.
Dedicated Marine is popular globally with catamaran owners whether they are readying for for circumnavigation, charter, living aboard, or just some well-deserved limin’. Check them out!
Ask about accessories such as aft Phifertex screen and front windscreen. They offer Solar Solutions as well.
Contact info@biminihardtop.com or call 888.769.7677 for details. Connect with them on Facebook “Biminihardtop”
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Happy Lagoon 46 Clients in Australia!

Lagoon 46

Hi Chris, we officially take possession of our Lagoon 46 tomorrow and saw your Hardtop today and it looks fantastic with the Solar on top. We are so glad we decided to go with yours instead of the factory option. The speakers are incredible. I think you may hear my music from down under. The lights are great also so thank you and the boys (@VesselTec) have done a great job fitting it. We are just incredibly proud of our boat and will happily promote your hardtop. Thanks again! Sonia P.

paul jackson dedicated marine testimonial

November 17, 2016  -  I thoroughly recommend Chris,
his products and his service.


My experience of Dedicated Marine’s and Chris’ products and service is that I have been delighted with both.
Some background:- We are based in Antigua, W.I. and have a 1998 Leopard 45 named Aftica which I purchased in Coral Harbour, New Providence, Bahamas in early 2012. My wife and I spent a month or so exploring the Bahamas and decided that we wished to replace the existing canvas bimini with a hardtop for safety, sun protection and aesthetic reasons. Having made the decision, I sought advice from friends who are professionals in the yachting industry in Grenada, Sint Maarten and BVI; all recommended that Chris had the best product.We had not heard of Dedicated Marine so I did a bit of background research and consequently contacted him. Chris quoted a spec., price and delivery which we accepted. On the agreed date we arrived at Harbour Towne Marina in Dania Beach FL. Exactly on schedule the next morning the hard top and Chris arrived and 12 hours later the top was installed (it fitted like a glove), the electrics wired up and we were ready to go. Our route to Antigua from Fort Lauderdale took us 950nm east into the Atlantic and then 450nm south on 062W to Antigua. On that voyage the stb lazyjack collapsed in 45kts of wind and I was able to tame the sail due to being able to wander about on the hardtop with complete confidence.

Nearly 5 years since it was fitted, the hard top is in “as new” condition and additionally we have dealt with Chris for davits (which were fabricated in Florida and shipped to Antigua - also fitted like a glove) and a solar package (which has enabled us to remove and sell the Northern Lights 9.2kW generator). All have been very happy experiences.

On the basis of our experience, our next door neighbour in Antigua purchased from Chris a helm bimini for his new Lagoon 450 (Faders Watch) - this was also fabricated in Florida and shipped to and fitted in Antigua.

Whilst we have been sailing around the Caribbean, a number of other Leopard and Lagoon owners have looked at our hard top and I believe that most have subsequently done business with Chris.